Wash Patrol | Commercial Power Washing Services

Wash Patrol specializes in commercial flatwork including concrete sidewalks, walkways and stairwells. We pressure wash and steam clean sidewalks to safely blast away dirt & melt the gum off your concrete.

Wash Patrol are building washing experts! We wash the grime and debris from the exterior of your commercial facility. Pressure washing your facility regularly will help prevent degradation to your property. Call Today!

Wash Patrol specializes in exterior concrete cleaning and gum removal services. If you have gum riddling the exterior of your concrete at your commercial property, you can hire Wash Patrol to blast and melt the gum away!

Fast food restaurants are notorious for dirty drive-thrus. Wash Patrol can help prevent your property from getting a bad reputation by maintenancing your restaurant's drive-thru on a regular frequency. Call today!

Do you have a commercial facility that has dirty dumpster pads? Wash Patrol specializes in dumpster pad cleaning and grease removal. We can reduce grease and debris from your commercial dumpster today!

Wash Patrolmen are as handy with a squeegee as they are a power washer! We wash commercial windows with a spot and streak free finish. We are exterior window washing experts!


Do you have a restaurant that needs regular maintenance? Wash Patrol specializes in exterior power washing and property maintenance for restaurants and fast food chains. Let's Wash!

Wash Patrol cleans and sanitizes commercial shopping carts. We use our Sgt. Sudds line Bacteria Buster to sanitize shopping carts and leave them bacteria free! Call Wash Patrol for more information!

Trash compactors are known to get filthy from years of trash buildup. Trash compactors that are not maintained actually malfunction more often then those that are. Call Wash Patrol for your compactor cleaning!